Spring Shred Challenge

The time has come.

The time to focus and get that body ready for SUMMER!! 


How long is this challenge: There will be a 6 week option and a 10 week option. *If you first join the 6 weeks then decide to do the 10 weeks, YOU CAN!! (fees will be applied accordingly)*

When does it start?  6 Week Challenge Begins Monday, February 6th and ends March 19th –10 Week Challenge ends on Sunday April 16th.

How much does this challenge cost? $35 for 6 weeks and $45 for 10 weeks!

What will this challenge consist of? 

  • There will be different Nutrition Options available so that you are able to choose what works best for you.
    • Nutrition options:
      1. Paleo (no beans, grains or dairy)
      2. Paleo + fermented dairy (yogurt, cheese, kefir)
      3. All foods on the table, gluten free or not, but limit grains and beans
      4. Veggie
      5. Keto
  • You will be assigned “support buddies” and put into teams to help encourage and push each other.
  • We will provide categories for points to help keep you motivated throughout the challenge. Some examples would be doing extra cardio, eating vegetables, drinking water, taking care of yourself and much more!
  • We will do before and after measurements and photos. These will help us to determine a winner for this challenge.
  • We will have winners for the following things: Support Buddies with most points, One Winner for Most “losses” during the challenge and One Winner for most overall visual appearance changes. Prizes will be announced during the challenge.
  • We will have MINI challenges throughout the challenge for smaller prizes to keep you motivated and working hard.
  • You will have extra at home or after class workouts given to you each week.



Fit Chick Goal Setting Workshop

Join Us For Our “Kick off to 2017” Goal Setting Workshop:

You have the opportunity to CREATE the year that you want to have in 2017.

In this in-studio workshop, I’m going to share with you ways that the most successful people in the world use to achieve their goals and achieve transformation in their life. We will be setting 3 month goals along with having ongoing support and accountability through those 3 months.

I’m going to break down step-by-step how to make your 2017 Goals “Quit Proof” and entirely painless.  Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Gain Clarity – Focus in on your next steps toward accomplishing what matters most—and the courage you need to take action
  • One Thing to Make You 42% MORE Successful – This ONE strategy will instantly make you 42% more likely to accomplish your goals (it’s shocking how many people miss it!)
  • It’s YOUR Time – How to “Quit-Proof” your goals to ensure 2017 is the year you finally cross that big one off your list
  • Eliminate Procrastination – A simple but powerful principle that will enable you to defeat procrastination once and for all

BONUS: You will be added to a PRIVATE Goal Setting Group so that we can check in with you over the course of the 3 months and allow other group members to help keep you accountable.

Choose from 2 different days and times in January! 

Tuesday, January 17th at 6pm

Thursday, January 19th at 10am

This workshop will be at Fit Chick Express- 340 Lashley St, Longmont 

All this for just $25!!!

Click the button below to get signed up!!

After you have made the COMMITMENT by clicking the link above, please fill out the form below! 

Jumpstart Your New Year

It only takes 21 days to form a new habit.

We are offering you 30 DAYS to Jump Start Your Year!

Just imagine all the things that you can make happen not only with your body, but with your energy, your self-esteem and your entire life!


With this offer you will receive the following things to help you start 2017 off on the right foot!

  • Unlimited Boot Camp Classes for 1 Month
  • 1 Free Goal Setting Workshop (Times to be announced in Jan)
  • Free 30 minute nutrition consult with our Nutritionist, Bobbie Covert
  • Regular Check In’s From Trainers
  • Measurements, body fat and before pictures
  • Join with a friend and receive $25 credit towards your next program!

All this for just 89.00!! 

*Offer not available to Current Members

Offer Ends January 10th! Only 10 Offers Available! 


Featured Fit Chick – Heather


Heather Swanson

 How long have you been a member of Fit Chick Express and what brought you here? I have been a member of Fit Chick for about 2 years now. I was attracted to Fit Chick because I needed someplace that I could feel I belonged and to motivate me to get in shape!

What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of FCE? Sticking with it! I haven’t ever stayed committed to a fitness program long-term before.

What keeps you motivated? What obstacles have you had to overcome? Knowing how good I feel when I finish boot camp keeps me coming back. Fitting in workouts between busy work and family schedules is my biggest challenge.

What is your favorite part of FCE? I love all of the other ladies and the 30 minute format- I can do anything for 30 minutes!

What advice would you offer to newbies?  Stick with it- even if you go through times where you can’t or don’t make it to class, just keep looking to schedule it in and make it a priority.

In one sentence, how would you describe your experience at FCE.  My experience at Fit Chick has been supportive, fun and fantastic!

Featured Fit Chick – Linda


Linda Kirkeide

 How long have you been a member of Fit Chick Express and what brought you here? 7 months and was referred by Amy Stoehr, and a desire to be fit and healthy.

What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of FCE? Participating in and finishing my first 5k Dirty Girl Mud Run

What keeps you motivated? What obstacles have you had to overcome? All of the wonderful trainers and new friends that I have made. The way I feel after working out and how I look compared to when I started.

I have had to overcome my lack of confidence and feeling comfortable in working out in general and realizing I can do it!

What is your favorite part of FCE? FCE is a non judgemental place to work out with ladies of all ages and fitness levels. I love having instructors who truly care about you and want to help you succeed in obtaining your fitness goals. All of the wonderful ladies are an extra added bonus, I have made new great friends.

What advice would you offer to newbies?  I would tell newbies to come in and try everything out and to not be intimidated, this is a very welcoming place to be! Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

In one sentence, how would you describe your experience at FCE.  FCE is amazing, it has truly changed my life for the better, I look and feel amazing!




We would love to help you with your health and fitness journey. We have some pretty amazing deals to help you do just that. Make sure you take advantage now and lock in your offer as long as you continue to be a member! 

These offers are only available until Midnight, Monday, November 28th!

You are also given the choice to start your membership on December 1st or January 1st.

With any package, you will also receive a 30 Minute Nutrition Consult with Bobbie Covert, our in house Nutritionist.

*These offers are not available to current members.*




FREE 30 Min Nutrition Consult with Bobbie

12 Month Program – Unlimited==>   117.00 – 92.00
6  Month Program – Unlimited==>  127.00 – 102.00
12 Month Program – 12x/Month ==>   99.00 – 74.00
 6  Month Program –12x/Month ==>   109.00 – 84.00



FREE 30 Min Nutrition Consult with Bobbie

BC + PIYO  -12 Month Program – 27 Classes Combined==>   127.00 – 102.00
BC + PIYO – 6  Month Program – 27 Classes Combined==>  137.00 – 112.00
BC + PIYO – 12 Month Program – 12x/Month ==>    119.00 – 94.00
 BC + PIYO – 6  Month Program –12x/Month ==>   129.00 – 104.00

Just send us an email by Midnight, November 26th and let us know which option you would like to take advantage of! We will be in touch to get you all set up and ready to embark on your fitness journey with Fit Chick Express! 

*These offers are not available to current members.*