Meet Our Fit Chick Express Team


Angie Marone is a Certified Fitness Professional who started up her own fitness business back in 2007 working with clients on a one on one basis. She then put together the Fit Chick Express Program as a way to help as many women as possible and provide them with quick and effective ways to lose weight and feel great about themselves. Fit Chick Express turned 7 Years Old May of 2015!!

Her passion for fitness goes way back to when she was in high school and has been with her ever since and she loves being a role model for women and helping them make healthy lifestyle choices.

She has also put together a Workout DVD!

**Angie teaches Boot Camp and PIYO!**




Bobbie Covert is a Certified Personal Trainer and Master Nutrition Therapist.  She has been a client of Fit Chick Express since its inception.  In 2010, she left the biopharmaceutical industry to focus on a career in nutrition.  Diet and food are her favorite things to talk about!

She received her MNT from Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO, and is ready to help you discover the root of your health issues, give support, educate and guide you on your road back to health and vibrancy.  She is also a Natural Foods Chef, and loves to eat delicious, whole foods that are nutritionally dense, and would love to show you how to also!

**Bobbie teaches Boot Camp, PIYO, does Private Training and Nutrition Coaching



STEPHStephanie Thai ~After working out  to lose weight for as long as I remember, I’ve loved the changes in my body and attitude since working out with Fitchick! Angie and the Fitchicks have pushed me to complete my first half marathon and to laugh/cry my way through the Spartan Race this year.  I work out now to release stress, to feel strong, and to have fun with the wonderful ladies around me. As a teacher of many different subjects over the past 15 years, being an instructor with Fitchick is the next exciting step in my journey!

*Stephanie teaches Boot Camp, does Private Training and Kickboxing!*



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Dawna Masteller is a certified Zumba instructor. She became a member of Fit Chick Express in 2009. It has been a journey for her to reach her fitness goals. Along that journey she became passionate about partnering with women to reach their fitness potential. Dancing has always been a part of her life and is now how she comes along side women in a fun way, to help them on their own path to fitness and health.

**Dawna teaches Zumba and Subs for Fit Chick Boot Camp**


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Janine found yoga in 2001 when she moved to Colorado from the east coast. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, stay flexible, and keep a sense of humor, because we all fall sometimes. That’s what makes it a practice.

When she’s not teaching yoga, Janine is with her kids and husband, growing things on her small farm, creating things or climbing mountains, running, boarding and generally trying to be outdoors and active as much as possible.

Yoga inspires Janine to live with a mindful heart and celebrate the moment. Her classes meet you where you are, offering a bit of a challenge or simply the rejuvenation yoga brings. It is Janine’s hope that you step off the mat feeling inspired, nourished, and balanced.

For more information and inspiration check out  http://www.sagebrushyoga.com

or instagram https://instagram.com/neversummerfarm/




Keri first came to yoga as a way to manage stress during graduate school over 15 years ago, and has been practicing ever since!  Encouraged by her own yoga teachers to pursue certification, she earned my RYT-200 certificate and has been sharing her love for yoga as an instructor for a decade.  She loves yoga’s accessibility and the many ways in which it can transform our bodies, hearts, and minds.

In addition to yoga she is an avid long-distance runner.  She has completed 13 full marathons, countless 1/2 marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, and two sprint triathlons. 



Alexis started her practice while in high school to combat a stiff body from a rigorous swim team schedule using a simple yoga application on her phone. It wasn’t until she attended a “real” yoga class with an actual teacher that she was able to work on technique and enjoy the practice without injuring her body. This false sense of knowing everything lead to a hefty home practice and eventually a major fall out with yoga due self induced injury. That’s when she signed up for a yoga teacher certification class and dove deeper into all the levels of yoga that encompass mind, body and soul. Always a student, she continues to learn and share the love of yoga and the many benefits it provides to everyone. Her main goal is to help people enjoy the practice injury free.

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Ann Noble discovered Fit Chick Express 6 years ago. FCE has been transforming for Ann’s body, mind and spirit. Ann loves FCE so much that she works with Angie as her assistant and as a substitute boot camp instructor. Ann will be the person who helps you with your FCE account. Ann also is an Art Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She plays and teaches tennis, likes hiking, singing, art and reading.

*Ann is our Client Services Coordinator and subs for Boot Camp.*

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