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Deb Sudbeck

How long have you been a member of Fit Chick Express and what brought you here?  I was first a member in 2011 for 3 years then had to stop because of a change in my work but was able to join again this past December. I’m so happy to be back!! And people remembered me from the previous time I spent at FCE!

What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of FCE?  Improved strength and energy level! I can fit into clothes that I wasn’t able to in a while!

 What keeps you motivated? What obstacles have you had to overcome? My motivation comes from how FCE makes me feel when I do it consistently-healthy, happy and energized (and that good kind of sore!). My main obstacle is finding the time to fit it in with work and home life, that is why the 30 min. workouts are so perfect!

What is your favorite part of FCE? The workouts, the variety of workouts/exercises we do and of course the amazing wonderful fun group of ladies!!! I may not be the most vocal but I love the supportive, fun, non judgmental atmosphere! OH…and I love Angie who pushes us and keeps us accountable…she knows when you haven’t been there and calls you out!

What advice would you offer to newbies?  Keep with it, do what you can and enjoy the women that are surrounding you while working out!

In one sentence, how would you describe your experience at FCE? My experience at FCE has been so much FUN! It is the one program that has kept me motivated by giving me results, a community of support and has kept me healthy and happy! Thanks Fit Chick!

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