Are looking to lose fat, build or tone muscle, diminish cellulite and have more energy than you have had in years?

Would you like to feel stronger and more fit than you have in your entire life?

We can help achieve your goals by committing to 2-3 training sessions per week!

What You Will Receive with Fit Chick Express Private Training:

arrowProgress and Motivation  We will assess your initial fitness, body measurements and provide continuous feedback throughout your workouts. These will also be re-evaluated every 4 weeks.

arrowWeight Training  Resistance training is the secret ingredient to achieving your fitness goals. Around the age of 25, your metabolism starts to decline. By using resistance training, we will increase that metabolism to help you burn more fat.

arrowCardiovascular Exercise – Cardio is the 3rd most important ingredient for achieving your fitness goals. Cardio is the tool to rid your body of unhealthy body fat.

arrowFlexibility Training – This will help prevent injuries and keep your muscles supple. It also increases your range of motion, reduces or eliminates lower back pain, improves posture and promotes mental relaxation.

arrowNutritional Support and Guidance – 80% of your results will come from what you decided to put into your body. We will discuss your current nutrition and decide which changes you need to make to reach your goals.

Are you ready to take action??

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Julie lost over 53 Pounds, Over 11% Body Fat and over 42 Inches!

Julie Fat Loss Transformation

“Back in November 2007 I looked like this (fat picture on the left)… I would never have dreamed of going to the gym 6 days a week, ordering protein powder from or actually wanting to eat healthy. That was for crazy people!! Now I look more like this (not so fat picture)… I have lost over 50 pounds and almost 45 inches off my collective body parts. I can’t say that I felt bad or sick before, just sluggish, but I can definitely say that I feel much better now. I feel strong and have energy and best of all, feel good about how I look. Credit for my success is in large part due to my personal trainer, Angie Schumacher, who has been incredible. She has helped me in the gym, out of the gym and even in my head. (If I stay out past midnight, I hear my Dad’s voice in my head. If I consider ordering a cheese and mayo covered something at a restaurant, it’s ANGIE I hear.) I just do what she tells me to do and that has been a huge relief. I don’t have to figure out which machines to use or what exercises will work, I just have to follow instructions!

I’ve struggled with my weight pretty much my entire adult life. I’ve been very thin, very heavy (very) and I’ve been everything in between. At no point was I actually “fit”. Now that I am doing a structured weight/resistance training, as well as cardio, program I can honestly say this is the best I have ever felt. I started off wanting to just look decent in clothes. Now I want to look good NAKED!

I have to credit my husband for getting me in the gym. I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to go there the first time without him. Angie has kept me in the gym and wanting to come back. I still have a long ways to go, but I am really enjoying the journey!”

Julie Giron

 Semi-Private Training Sessions:

*All Sessions are 30-40 minutes*

Groups of 2-3 people, who have similar goals and would like the motivation and support of others. The sessions will focus on strength, cardio and core work.

3 Month Commitment = 12x per Month = $232 per person/ month

3 Month Commitment = 8x per Month= $ 168 per person / month

1 Month Commitment = 12x per Month = $253 per person/month

1 Month Commitment = 8x per Month= $188 per person/ month

Individual Training Sessions:

*All Sessions are 30-40 minutes*

The sessions will focus on strength, cardio and core work.

3 Month Commitment = 12x per month = $312 per month

3 Month Commitment = 8x per month= $208 per month

1 Month Commitment = 12x per month = $332 per month

1 Month Commitment = 8x per month = $220 per month

10 Training Session Punch Card = Expires in 2 Months = $300

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Katrina lost over 70 Pounds, 14% Body Fat and over 49 inches!

Katrina Weight Loss Transformation

“At the age of 48, I was told by my doctor that if I did not lose weight I might not make it to 58. I was 5 feet tall and weighed 270 lbs. I was considered morbidly obese. At his suggestion I went to see a bariatric surgeon. After speaking with the surgeon it became apparent that if I didn’t do something drastic I may never lose the weight. On that initial visit we scheduled my gastric bypass.I had the surgery on July 10, 2007. It was a very easy procedure for me. One of the least painful surgeries I had had.

With the help of my personal trainer, Angie, now 14 months post surgery I am 130 pounds lighter.

I have more energy than I have ever had and far stronger than I ever thought I would be. Not to mention healthier and happier.”

Katrina Hammontree

Angie and Client Katrina




“When I first sat down with Angie, I knew that I needed to make a change. I also knew that I needed help from someone that would push me, hold me accountable and work with me to figure out what was best for me physically and mentally. Working with Angie has exceeded my expectations! Not only do my clothes fit better but I feel better from head to toe! As a working mom, I used to think, “when am I ever going to workout, I just don’t have the time!” My thought process has shifted and I can’t imagine not working out twice a week. I realize now that if it’s important to you, you MAKE the time and it’s easier than it seems. Thanks Angie for everything! I look forward to continuing the journey that you helped get me started on!”-Amber Muir





“There’s no faking it with LaShanda. She keeps you on track with home workout assignments and makes sure you only eat what you’re supposed to. I lost 6 lbs. and 6.5 inches in my first 4 weeks of training. Each workout is different so it doesn’t become boring and I’ve seen so much improvement in my stamina. I no longer panic about what to order at restaurants, because LaShanda has provided great advice on eating the right balance of food without depriving myself. She’s given me a realistic plan for getting healthy. I’m seeing results on the scale, in how my clothes fit, and in how much better I feel overall.” ~ Genevieve Cavallo

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