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Jolene Nicoll

How long have you been a member of Fit Chick Express and what brought you here?  I have been a member of Fit Chick since October 2016 and, ironically, I learned about it from a Facebook tag for my friend Fran Wahl. Little did I know she wasn’t a 6 am boot camp attendee.

What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of FCE?  Getting back into a regular workout routine – I had gotten out of the routine after a skiing accident that sidelined me for too long, and I could never get motivated to start exercising again.

 What keeps you motivated? What obstacles have you had to overcome? I don’t like the early morning alarm, but I love all the fun ladies and the ability to get my workout in before my work day starts. Biggest obstacle — the Snooze button – don’t use it!

What is your favorite part of FCE? Constant variety and laughter.

What advice would you offer to newbies?  Try all the different classes, don’t be afraid if you have never done it before – everyone is very helpful and you just might like it.

In one sentence, how would you describe your experience at FCE? How can you put it in one sentence? – but thanks for putting up with my constant yawning in the 6 am class.



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