Bakasana Boredom


I’ve heard it many times; “I just don’t feel the burn when I practice yoga.”  Is this really a workout, because I work harder when I sleep.”  If this is you, I encourage you to read further.  I’m not here to change your mind; I’m here to enlighten you, your soul and your practice.

When done right, yoga is an incredibly challenge workout, from your first asana to your final savasana.  This is as much the teacher’s responsibility as the students, a well rounded yoga class that’s articulated with breath, movement and adjustments is what each class needs to be successful.  At the same token, students are liable for bringing an open heart and a willingness to learn and participate.

There are multiple forms of yoga, those that encourage a dynamic flow like Vinyasa and those that promote heat and sweat like Bikram.  That’s the beauty of the practice, it’s versatile and has a class style for every person of every level.  Athletes benefit greatly from yoga as it improves their strength, balance and flexibility.  It also offers a calming relaxation for the mind, offering a break from completion.

Let me ask you a few questions, are your muscles sore from constant pressure of running, kickboxing or bootcamp?  Do you have an extra ten pounds that you just can’t lose?  Maybe it’s time to add yoga to your life.  Yoga, lenghtens your muscles, making you tall and lean.  It promotes weight-loss on a rapid and healthy level by triggering the muscles in a slow and controlled way.  Yogis are advocates for a clean and healthy lifestyle, they’re inspiring to be around and you’ll watch your everyday life change from the food you eat to the beverages you consume.  It’s more than a practice, it’s a lifestyle.

Ok, you get it, it’s healthy, it’s encouraging, it’s inspiring, yadda yadda.  The peace that surrounds a room during a 60-minute class is relaxing, the love given to you by the instructors is touching, the burning sensation you feel while in Warrior II for 5 seconds too long is maddening.  Yoga is not boring, Yoga is challenging.  When the teacher instructs you to “engage your core,” do so.  When they say to, “sink a little deeper,” do so, and feel the burn, welcome the shaking, love your Yoga.

If you want to experience this for yourself, I invite you to join me at my first two free classes with Fit Chick Express.

  • Wednesday, November 5th @ 10:15am
  • Friday, November 7th @ 12:00pm

Jackie Bonheim is a Yoga instructor at Fit Chick Express.  For more information about Jackie and classes at Fit Chick Express, visit our website at



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