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Barb Weight Loss

“Fit Chick Express is one of the best workouts I have ever had.  The class is great because you get a great workout and it only takes 30 minutes, so you don’t have to spend hours at the gym.  The class is fun because there are people of all ability levels and every class is different, so you never get bored or feel out of place.  Everyone is so encouraging and Angie will push you to keep on trying.  I highly reccomend everyone give the class a try and you will be a believer too! ”~Barbara Kowalski


 ”OK, so I’ll admit it, I didn’t believe that I could work out for only a half an hour and it would make a difference.  After all, I am a runner, I typically run 15-20 miles a week or more and I have unsuccessfully tried to lose 20 pounds for over 3 years.  I’ve tried kickboxing, swimming, spinning, and various other gym classes, with no results.  So when a friend told me about Fit Chick I was hesitant to say the least, but then someone else told me about it,  and when it was mentioned to me for the third time in one month I felt like I was meant to give it a try.  After all, you can’t beat a 2 week FREE trial!  Fast forward 1 year, 20 pounds and 3 clothes sizes later…….

I AM A BELIEVER!  The short but challenging Fit Chick sessions were just what I needed to kick my body into a new gear.  As if these changes are enough, I love that I can get a great workout in and still have time to come home and take my dog for a walk all before my kids even wake up!  It is win-win.  Thank you Angie for changing my life and helping me regain my self-confidence and pride in how I look.”~Kim Taylor

Before and After

Angie’s boot camp has been a great addition to my workout regime.  I really like the fact that the routines are never the same, you never know what to expect and neither do your muscles.  It’s a great full body workout; cardio, core and strength training all in 30 minutes! I highly recommend Angie and her bootcamp workouts. ~Marie Zwart

“When I joined Fit Chick Express 5 months ago, I thought “6 am is really early to workout”, but Angie and all of the ladies who are up that early make it so fun and rewarding that I was hooked after my first 2 weeks.  I hate missing my morning workout routine now.   Fit Chick Express has helped me make positive lifestyle changes and I feel stronger and more confident everyday. “ ~Fawn Gold

Elisabeth Weight Loss


 Julie lost over 60 pounds, 12% body fat and 45 inches…

“Fit Chick Express is the best way to build muscle, increase flexibility, tone up and slim down!!!  I have been with Angie since day one for an entire year now and am very happy with the results of her dynamic workouts.  I attend class twice a week and can honestly say the workouts have helped me get fit and stay that way.  I am so much stronger and have much more endurance than before.  The workouts also help me stay fit and toned around my middle, which is my biggest trouble area.

The workouts are fun and lively without being repetitive or overwhelmingly difficult.  Angie makes certain we are performing the exercises correctly and will customize the workouts for our individual needs if necessary.    My Fit Chick Express classmates are real women, just like you and me, who want to look their best and feel great.  We are all ages, shapes and sizes, with a variety of fitness levels.  So……..come on!!!   Try Fit Chick Express for yourself!   Before you know it, your clothes will fit so much better from your newly toned muscles for a slimmer silhouette! ”  ~Janet Kirkpatrick

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Before I started doing Angie’s workouts, I struggled to find the time to workout.  But today I am doing Angie’s workouts 3 to 4 times a week and loving them.  They offer great results and do not require a lot of time.  I am feeling more fit and energetic than I have in years – and 9 months after baby #2 – I’m easily fitting into all my old clothes!  Thanks Angie!~Noelle Abarelli




“I’ve been doing FCE 30 minute boot camp for 2 years. It has literally changed my life! I’ve lost 25 lbs and kept it off. I feel strong and and fit. I feel like I can do anything! The 30 minute workouts are never boring and always challanging. Angie is very creative, knowledgable and supportive. There are always new contests to keep us motivated with great prizes. Fit Chick Express is not just a workout class. It is a group of supportive woman and a lifestyle.” ~Ann Noble

“It is amazing to me how thirty minutes can make such a difference in my day! I have so much energy and feel like I am ready to conquer the world, or at least my work place.”  ~Michelle Thomas


“In thirty minutes I can get in a great workout using just body weight, it is enough to raise your endorphins to fuel your entire day.”~Sallie Moore


A daily Fit Chick workout is a good addiction. I always feel great afterwards. The best part is I am never watching the clock in class and I’ve been able to stick to it for almost a year now. Good job Angie!” ~ Bonnie Hagewood


“Angie and the other Fit Chicks get me to the class which is half the battle! This is where I stay strong and learn about my body every morning! I am amazed what 30 minutes twice a week really does! Thanks Angie!” ~Colleen Murphy


“With Fit Chick Express you can change your life! I look back from where I was almost a year ago. What a difference! I am so thankful that I met Angie!” ~Karen Selland


“With Fit Chick Express you can excel in your fitness and strength goals because Angie and others at FCE are committed to supporting and motivating each individual. They know that women don’t come in one-size-fits-all and that life’s roller coaster ride often distracts us from what we’re trying to accomplish. FCE helps keep us on track. They’ve helped me build strength in balance and core, overall fitness, and made it possible for me to lose 28 lbs. and over 15 inches in all the right places. Thank you, Angie – you’re the best fitness trainer and health advocate I’ve ever known!” ~Nancy Hebert


“In the 3+ months that I’ve been doing Angie’s workouts, I’ve seen muscles in my arms I never knew I had!  I’m losing belly fat which has been so hard for me to do in the past.  And I feel sore, then great after each 30 minute workout.  Even if I grumble during the workout, I’m proud of myself after completing it and know that I’m getting stronger each day.  Thanks Angie!” ~Stephanie Fry


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