6th Annual Love Your Body Event ~ 2017

Week of October 30th - November 5th 

I am super excited about our ❤ Love Your Body Event ❤ this year!

We changed things up a bit this year, but I feel you will love the changes. 

This year our event will be all week long!

We have punch cards available at the studio that you can pick up anytime before the event and take advantage of any six classes during that week! 

Each time you attend a class, you WILL NEED to have your punch card with you and sign in. We will cross off a class and each time you attend you will get entered into winning some FREE classes! 


🌟🌟You can check our most current class schedule for that week below:🌟🌟

We will also have vendors partaking in this event by showing off their services or products and offering discounts during this week! Vendor times will be around and during class times, so make sure to stop in and visit with them before or after your class!

We will be adding vendors to the times below as they confirm with us!!

*Monday 8am-10:30am - Melaleuca

*Wednesday 5pm – 7:30pm – Safety Sofia

*Thursday 8am – 10:30am – Colorado Aromatics, Doterra, Good Life Botanicals

*Thursday 5pm-7:45pm – Colorado Aromatics, Doterra, Melaleuca and Safety Sofia


✨✨✨✨Check out our pictures from last years Love Your Body Event! ✨✨✨✨

Why did I start this event? Well...I can't tell you how many times I hear a client talk negatively about themselves or complain about some aspect of their body. I admit that I too, fall prey to this from time to time. It's hard living in this world with so much social media in our faces every.single.day. We all want that perfect body that we see plastered all over the place. But what does perfect even mean?? 

What if....what if we just accepted and loved ourselves right here, right now? Every mole, every freckle, every flaw we see (even though others do not), every bump of cellulite, every love handle (and the list could go on and on).

What if?? Could you do it? You could, yes, but it would not be easy. In fact, unless we have the "I don't give a crap if I am perfect or not I am happy just how I am" attitude ourselves, it's almost impossible.

But you know what? It sure would make life easier with that attitude. If we just turned around our thinking to all the GREAT and AMAZING things that our bodies DO and OFFER for us on a daily basis, life would be easy!

We would be able to workout and have fun, instead of making it about "losing weight". We would be able to walk into a room with amazing self-confidence, because we would feel empowered by who we are, and not who we aren't. We would be able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner without feeling guilty! 

So my plan is to try and change the way my clients and women all over the world feel about themselves. I want them to look in the mirror and say to themselves, "You are beautiful and perfect in every way and I love everything about you!" Wow, just typing that, it felt pretty darn empowering! I am betting if you say it to yourself over and over and really start to feel it, it would change how you carry on with your daily life. Just think how freeing that would be.. to just truly love and accept your body as it is! 

Just...♥️ LOVE YOUR BODY ♥️

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