Spring Into Summer Slim Down Challenge

Spring into Summer Slim Down Graphic

This challenge is available to Fit Chick Express Clients and Women.Live.Fit Online Members! 

Challenge Details:

This will be a TEAM CHALLENGE!

This challenge will go for approximately 8 weeks, starting February 8th and ending April 10th. (Final weigh in week of April 10th)

Weigh in for Fit Chick Members will be week of Monday, Feb 8th. Sign up sheet will be available.

Weigh in due for Women.Live.Fit members will be DUE by Friday, Feb 12th. Emailed to me at angie@fitchickexpress.com

Before/After Pictures – We will be doing before and after pictures in tight fitting clothing. Tight shorts and tank top or sports bra are required.

Team Challenge! – We will be putting you into teams of 5. FCE and WLF challengers will be teamed up separately.

Points! We will have a point system that will help to not only keep you accountable, but also help you to push even harder with the goals given throughout the challenge. There will be 1 winning team at the end of the challenge.

More details…

1st 4 weeks of the Challenge will be focused on nutrition! Bobbie Covert, our nutritionist, will be supplying great challenges, dietary rules, etc to help you shred that winter layer!

  • You will be given 4 Nutrition Plans to choose from for this challenge.
  • NO ONE WILL BE EATING: wheat/gluten, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, fake ingredients, scary chemical ingredients, nut/seed oils, fake foods in general…
  • There will be 4 Nutrition Support group meetings during the 2 months of this challenge.
  • There will be some extra workouts and cardio expectations during this first 4 weeks.

2nd 4 weeks of the Challenge will be focused on upping your workout game! Adding in extra workouts, extra cardio and pushing yourself to new limits!

  • You will be increasing your activity level, along with maintaining your nutrition plan.
  • You will be asked to CHALLENGE yourself with your workouts, along with utilizing self care to help maintain a strong, lean and healthy body!

BONUS!! After the challenge, we are going to have 2 weeks of figuring out what “maintenance mode” looks like for YOU. What we mean by maintenance mode is – getting back to everyday living BUT keeping some of what was most helpful for you from the nutrition challenge, and how to not go completely crazy and eat a pizza and 15 donuts when the challenge is over! Then we will have 2 more weeks where you are maintaining on your own, and then (if you’d like) another weigh in/measurements at the end of that so you have an idea of how maintaining is going for you!

Fees will be $35 per person. 

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  • We will be meeting at 6pm On Monday, Feb 8th for the mtg. This is where you will ask questions if you have them.
  • We have a sign up sheet for you to do your measurements and take your pictures. PLEASE SHOW AT LEAST 5 minutes prior to your time in case we are moving quicker than planned.
  • PICTURES⇒You will need to bring or wear your tight fitting shorts and tank or sports bra.
  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for the over all challenge (FCE and WLF combined) for the most losses in the challenge, along with one team winner. 


  • We will video tape our challenge meeting and share with you online.
  • I will need for you to take your before pictures (front, back and left side) and for you to do your own measurements (chest, belly button, hips (largest part of your butt), thighs and biceps. The diagram at the left shows where they should be taken from. You will use this calculator to determine your body fat. It won’t be as accurate as the Omron but will give us an idea of how it changes during the challenge. Use your belly button measurement for waist.
  • PICTURES⇒Please have someone take your before and after pictures so we have good quality to compare them. Also, a sports bra or tight fitting tank and tight shorts are required!
  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for the over all challenge (FCE and WLF combined) for the most losses in the challenge, along with one team winner. 

Operation Winter Shred Final Numbers are IN!

Operation Winter Shred


Our Operation Winter Shred Challenge went from March 16th Until May 10th. We have both Fit Chick Express Members AND Online Members from Women.Live.Fit. We had 27 ladies finish with final measurements and after pictures. Check out what they had to say about the challenge by clicking HERE

EVERYONE did such an amazing job! With the help of our Nutrition Coach, Bobbie Covert, the challengers learned a new way of eating healthy! 

You can view our top 15 challengers by clicking HERE! 

Here are the TOP 3 Winners from Fit Chick Express…

3rdLiz Andres lost 10 pounds, 1.7% body fat and 7 inches! Great job Liz!!! 



Sue Smith-Troy lost 12 pounds, 1.1% body fat and 14.15 inches! Way to go Sue!!



Renee Price lost 12 pounds, 3.1% body fat and 9.24 inches! Fabulous job Renee!!


Here are the TOP 2 Winners from Women.Live.Fit…


Lisa Marash lost 15 pounds, 4.5% body fat and 11.35 inches! Way to go Lisa!! 



Tina Garcia lost 21 pounds, 7% body fat and 14 inches!! Fantastic job Tina!!