Spring Shred Challenge

The time has come.

The time to focus and get that body ready for SUMMER!! 


How long is this challenge: There will be a 6 week option and a 10 week option. *If you first join the 6 weeks then decide to do the 10 weeks, YOU CAN!! (fees will be applied accordingly)*

When does it start?  6 Week Challenge Begins Monday, February 6th and ends March 19th –10 Week Challenge ends on Sunday April 16th.

How much does this challenge cost? $35 for 6 weeks and $45 for 10 weeks!

What will this challenge consist of? 

  • There will be different Nutrition Options available so that you are able to choose what works best for you.
    • Nutrition options:
      1. Paleo (no beans, grains or dairy)
      2. Paleo + fermented dairy (yogurt, cheese, kefir)
      3. All foods on the table, gluten free or not, but limit grains and beans
      4. Veggie
      5. Keto
  • You will be assigned “support buddies” and put into teams to help encourage and push each other.
  • We will provide categories for points to help keep you motivated throughout the challenge. Some examples would be doing extra cardio, eating vegetables, drinking water, taking care of yourself and much more!
  • We will do before and after measurements and photos. These will help us to determine a winner for this challenge.
  • We will have winners for the following things: Support Buddies with most points, One Winner for Most “losses” during the challenge and One Winner for most overall visual appearance changes. Prizes will be announced during the challenge.
  • We will have MINI challenges throughout the challenge for smaller prizes to keep you motivated and working hard.
  • You will have extra at home or after class workouts given to you each week.



Holiday Hottie Challenge – 2016


Who Else Wants To Avoid Those Holiday Gains & Look Amazing At Their Holiday Parties? I Have The Answer For You …


Give Yourself A Better You This Christmas!

1 Day left to Sign up for our Holiday Hottie Challenge!!
ONLY 7 Spots left!!



MEAL PLAN = Carb Cycling = moderate carbs for 5 days a week & low carbs 2 days week. No food restrictions (* if you know certain foods are inflammatory or allergenic for you, then you should keep them out of your diet, especially certain foods like wheat, dairy, corn. But if you’re fairly certain they don’t cause problems for you then you can keep them), but you will be expected to count your carbs to ensure not going over your daily allotment. If you want to do lower carb for more than 2 days a week, you can do that too!

Here are a few of the ways carb cycling can benefit you:

Lose weight without restricting calories or going “low carb”


Add lean muscle while lowering body fat levels at the same time

Lose fat without sacrificing any of your hard earned lean muscle

Build lean muscle and burn fat at the same time

GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL? = Some people like teams to help push themselves and others like to work on their own. YOU get to choose this challenge!

 CARDIO = Expectations of steps per day! Points will correspond to step level reached each day. 

WEEKLY MINI CHALLENGES = Nutrition or Exercise challenges will be given each week with a winner of small prize.

EXTRA WORKOUTS = There will be extra specific body focused workouts to do at home. 

BEFORE AND AFTERS= Will need to do before and after photos to track your progress. Measurements and body fat are not required but highly recommended!

GOAL SETTING= Not everyone wants to lose weight, so your goals will be YOUR goals!! We will set these the first week of the challenge.

OVERALL BEST TRANSFORMATION= 1st Place Winner = Cash Prize! Team Points = 1 Winning Team



*Deadline to sign up*

Wednesday, October 26th at 12pm! 


 FCE MEMBERS: $45 + Upgraded to Unlimited Boot Camp for 6 weeks



NON MEMBERS: $45 + $99 (in 2 payments of 49.50) Unlimited Boot Camp for 6 weeks = $144 total




$45 Challenge Fee



28 Day Interval Challenge


28 Day Cardio/Interval Challenge  

Sept 19-Oct 16th

Challenge Fees -$25

*Not a current member of FCE, join for 1 Month of Unlimited Boot Camp for just $79!


What is an interval workout:

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise characterized by periods of hard work followed by brief periods of recovery or rest. This form of exercise is a highly efficient means of improving your fitness level and burning body fat. Why is HIIT superior to steady state cardio like jogging when it comes to fat burning? It’s because your body primarily uses sugar (glucose) during the intense exercise bout and uses stored body fat during the recovery phase as well as post-exercise. Your body also continues to burn fat hours after you complete your interval workout!

GOAL IN EACH WORKOUT: Track your reps per timed intervals or time your entire workout and increase or at least maintain the same amount of reps. You will be given a sheet to print out each workout for the week and mark down your reps and time. This will help you to push harder each time! Points will be given for each workout you complete. Point system will be explained once you join.

Also included:

  • Private Facebook Group- Daily Check Ins- Accountability
  • Daily Workouts to do on your own at home with tracker (w/videos)
  • HIIT/Finishers for after Boot Camp with tracker (or at home if you are not a member of FCE)
  • Weight/Body Fat Measurements will need to be taken
  • Modifications of exercises given if needed

Challenge Winner:

Each challenger will be asked to set a REWARD for the end of their challenge, ie: new pair of shoes, new jeans, massage, etc. There will be one winner who has the most points from doing as many workouts as possible. TIE BREAKER will be based on whomever has lost the most body fat in the 28 days.


30 Day Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition Challenge- Aug 15 – Sept 14 

Fees: $20.00

Join Bobbie in a Back to School nutrition challenge.  Get those kids back in school and regain control of your diet!  You’ll have the choice of 4 plans:

**You do not need to be a member of Fit Chick Express to sign up for this challenge!**

1.       Paleo (no dairy, grains, beans) – previous challenge participants have found Paleo a great way to lose excess pounds by eliminating allergenic foods.  Eat plenty of meats, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds.  (There’s a lot to eat out there without grains and beans, trust us!)

2.       Paleo + fermented dairy (as described above, + cheese, yogurt,kefir.)

3.       Limited Carb – Eat meats, vegetables, and approved fats freely.  Limit grains and beans each to only ½ cup cooked per day, and limit fruits to one item/serving per day.  No wheat/gluten.

4.       Vegetarian/Pescetarian – Lower Carb – Vegetarian based diet, + eggs, dairy, beans, quinoa, nuts, healthy fats.  No wheat/gluten.

Each of these diet plans are carb limiting and protein maximizing to encourage excess weight loss and to build muscle mass, which helps our metabolism. 

A Facebook group will be available for questions, recipe sharing, encouragement and accountability.



Spring Into Summer Slim Down Challenge

Spring into Summer Slim Down Graphic

This challenge is available to Fit Chick Express Clients and Women.Live.Fit Online Members! 

Challenge Details:

This will be a TEAM CHALLENGE!

This challenge will go for approximately 8 weeks, starting February 8th and ending April 10th. (Final weigh in week of April 10th)

Weigh in for Fit Chick Members will be week of Monday, Feb 8th. Sign up sheet will be available.

Weigh in due for Women.Live.Fit members will be DUE by Friday, Feb 12th. Emailed to me at angie@fitchickexpress.com

Before/After Pictures – We will be doing before and after pictures in tight fitting clothing. Tight shorts and tank top or sports bra are required.

Team Challenge! – We will be putting you into teams of 5. FCE and WLF challengers will be teamed up separately.

Points! We will have a point system that will help to not only keep you accountable, but also help you to push even harder with the goals given throughout the challenge. There will be 1 winning team at the end of the challenge.

More details…

1st 4 weeks of the Challenge will be focused on nutrition! Bobbie Covert, our nutritionist, will be supplying great challenges, dietary rules, etc to help you shred that winter layer!

  • You will be given 4 Nutrition Plans to choose from for this challenge.
  • NO ONE WILL BE EATING: wheat/gluten, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, fake ingredients, scary chemical ingredients, nut/seed oils, fake foods in general…
  • There will be 4 Nutrition Support group meetings during the 2 months of this challenge.
  • There will be some extra workouts and cardio expectations during this first 4 weeks.

2nd 4 weeks of the Challenge will be focused on upping your workout game! Adding in extra workouts, extra cardio and pushing yourself to new limits!

  • You will be increasing your activity level, along with maintaining your nutrition plan.
  • You will be asked to CHALLENGE yourself with your workouts, along with utilizing self care to help maintain a strong, lean and healthy body!

BONUS!! After the challenge, we are going to have 2 weeks of figuring out what “maintenance mode” looks like for YOU. What we mean by maintenance mode is – getting back to everyday living BUT keeping some of what was most helpful for you from the nutrition challenge, and how to not go completely crazy and eat a pizza and 15 donuts when the challenge is over! Then we will have 2 more weeks where you are maintaining on your own, and then (if you’d like) another weigh in/measurements at the end of that so you have an idea of how maintaining is going for you!

Fees will be $35 per person. 

images (1)


  • We will be meeting at 6pm On Monday, Feb 8th for the mtg. This is where you will ask questions if you have them.
  • We have a sign up sheet for you to do your measurements and take your pictures. PLEASE SHOW AT LEAST 5 minutes prior to your time in case we are moving quicker than planned.
  • PICTURES⇒You will need to bring or wear your tight fitting shorts and tank or sports bra.
  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for the over all challenge (FCE and WLF combined) for the most losses in the challenge, along with one team winner. 


  • We will video tape our challenge meeting and share with you online.
  • I will need for you to take your before pictures (front, back and left side) and for you to do your own measurements (chest, belly button, hips (largest part of your butt), thighs and biceps. The diagram at the left shows where they should be taken from. You will use this calculator to determine your body fat. It won’t be as accurate as the Omron but will give us an idea of how it changes during the challenge. Use your belly button measurement for waist.
  • PICTURES⇒Please have someone take your before and after pictures so we have good quality to compare them. Also, a sports bra or tight fitting tank and tight shorts are required!
  • There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for the over all challenge (FCE and WLF combined) for the most losses in the challenge, along with one team winner. 

Total Wellness Challenge

total wellness challenge graphic

Are you ready to make changes to your mind, body and health

one month at a time?


Master healthy eating, self care, self love and exercise with our most comprehensive challenge to date. This month to month points-based challenge rewards you for eating vegetables, reconnecting with yourself and adding in more physical activity for an overall healthier YOU! 


September Challenge 

–Nutrition Lifestyle–

with Bobbie Covert

Basic details: For 30 days, you will be focusing on eating vegetables and drinking water, choosing which “diet” plan works best for you and your lifestyle, cooking challenges and sleep!

Sorry our September Challenge is CLOSED! 

images (3)

October Challenge

–Live Life Like Crazy–

with Lauren Harmon

Basic Details: This is a 31 day challenge to promote a better sense of self and love for life! We live busy lives pulling us in many directions and this tends to cause disconnection from our bodies and the present moment. During this challenge different objectives will be asked of you to help reconnect you to yourself and the joy in life that fuels you. This will include self care, connection to your community, and body awareness.  Each participant in the challenge will receive an E-Book filled with daily tips for living life like crazy! You will be encouraged to reflect on each of this tips to see how to integrate them into your daily life! Hard copies can be purchased for an additional cost.

SORRY Our October Challenge is CLOSED! 


November Challenge

–Moving More and Putting It All Together–

with Angie Marone

Basic Details: For 30 days you will be given a different movement challenge along with the combination of  some of the things from the September and October challenges. This month, we will bring it all together into Total Wellness!

Details for each Challenge: 

  • Fit Chick Express Members AND Non- Members are welcome to join this challenge!
  • You will be added to a private Facebook challenge group for each different challenge. This will help you to focus on one thing at a time.
  • Each challenge will have points given to each day that you will need to track in a spreadsheet. These can be updated daily or by the end of each week.
  • We will do before and after measurements before and after each challenge. Times will be set up at a later date to do these. Pictures are recommended but not required. You can have us do them or do them on your own for yourself. I do have to say that many challengers are very glad they did before and after pictures.
  • Winners will be decided, based on points, at the end of EACH challenge and a winner for those who participated in all 3 challenges. So you have 2 opportunities of winning!  If we run into a tie, we will then base the winners based on total losses in weight/fat/inches.


FEES: You have the option to do all 3 challenges or pick and choose which ones you wish to focus on at this time.

Cost for each Individual Monthly Challenge is $25.00/challenge OR $60.00 for all 3 Challenges. 

**YES, I want to join the Nutrition Lifestyle Challenge in September!


YES, I want to join the Live Life Like Crazy Challenge in October!


YES, I want to join the Moving More/Putting it all Together Challenge in November!



Here are some classes that will be available during the challenge that you will be able to gain points for attending! Be on the lookout for more information on the following and mark your calendars! 

Classes with Ann Noble –Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Art Therapist  — www.expresswithart.com



  • Emotional Fitness – 10/10 – 1pm
  • Tangledoodle  – 10/11  – 1pm


  • Emotional Fitness – 11/7  – 9am
  • Tangledoodle – 11/15  – 1pm

Classes with Stacey Donaldson – Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist —www.goodlifelongmont.com


Soul-Enriching Sleep

Why is sleep so important? Why do we feel so crummy after 1 night of lousy sleep? What habits can help create a consistent good sleep?

 Learn how to calculate your sleep efficiency number

 Learn why it’s important to wake up at the same time every day

 Learn the science behind the blue light and how it affects your sleep

 What is good sleep anyway? Learn the physiology and biology behind our sleep needs.

 Discover the links between sleep, anxiety/depression, diabetes type 2 and other chronic



The Secret of your Cycle

The Curse. Aunt Martha’s Visiting. Got my Moon – whatever you call it, your menses cycle is an

important key to understanding your health. In fact – it may be THE key to understanding just how

healthy you are. Do you know the signs of a healthy, balanced menses?

If your cycle has any of these symptoms – you need to be at this discussion:

  •  Cramping, PMS, heavy flow, light flow, longer than 5 days, shorter than 3, pain (anywhere), night sweats, disrupted sleep. You will learn that 96% of most American women do not have a balanced, healthy period.

You’ll learn simple, easy ways through food and diet to balance the period and why this monthly cycle is so vitally important to a women’s mental, emotional and physical health.


Fall is the season of letting go. Winter is the season of surrender and restoration. So why are these seasons some of the most stressful times of the year? We’ll discuss different ways of working with the seasons and the holidays to have them be times of fulfillment and rejuvenation. Come the magic and mystery of the Quiet Time of the year.