Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you just like all the other gyms?

We are not in any way like a gym! We are a community where women can come together to learn how to love their bodies. We offer any type of program you would need to create the ideal body for YOU! We are not just about the workout, but about creating a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy eating habits, fun workouts, great relaxation and booty shaking cardio. We also do many things outside of the studio such as hiking, Ladies Nights out, Mud Runs or 5-10K all together as a group.

If you are looking for the a stale, boring workout studio, then we are not for you.

What  exactly  do  you  DO  during  the  workouts?

Every workout  is  different, every day for 4 months.   However,  the  general  format  is  consistent.  We do total body training which consists of strength training, cardio training and core training all within 30 minutes.  We do timed circuit training, anywhere from 20 seconds to 60 seconds, with weighted balls, dumbbells, bands, lots of misc equipment and our own body weight.

You can find more videos of the classes on our Videos Page.

Do  I  have  to  be  in  good  shape  to  do  this?

No.   We encourage all  fitness  levels  to  participate.   We have beginners through triathletes  in  our  classes.   It’s  easy  to  exercise  at  your  own  pace  in  our  workouts and we have many modifications to exercises if there is something that you cannot do.

Do I  need  to  bring  any  equipment?

No,  we  supply  all  the  equipment.   We  ask  that  you  bring  water  and  wear workout clothing and a good pair of tennis shoes. If you  have  a  sense  of  humor,  bring  that  too!

What if  I join and I miss some classes OR take a vacation?

You have the option to make up any missed classes at any time throughout that payment period. You cannot make up classes in the next payment period. We also have the option to suspend your account for a maximum of up to 3 months for vacation, injuries, etc. Just let us know in advance as to not mess up your account.

If you take a vacation and will be gone for a longer period of time, which will make it hard for you to make up classes, you are able to put a suspension on your account. The first suspension is free and there is a small fee for any others per calendar year.

I have knee pain/lower back pain or some other injury, can I still workout with these classes?

We have the best of the best trainers who are ready to find alternatives to any exercise that causes you pain and still allowing you to get in a good workout with everyone else. Just please don’t be afraid to LET US KNOW if something does not feel right!

What is this 2 Week FREE Trial Offer?

For 2 weeks, during the trial offer periods, NEW MEMBERS ONLY are welcome to come give us a try for 2 weeks and try out all of the classes offered at FCE!  Bring a friend, or two and make it even more fun by sharing this experience with others! Everyone is required to attend an orientation BEFORE they are allowed to enter into the trial, so if you are ready to get started, click the button below!



Is there a question that we have not answered for you? Just email us and we will get back to you as soon a we can!

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