First Ever FCE Strength Challenge!

strength challenge 2015

Are you ready to challenge your strength? Wanting to improve your form and test what you can do?? Then join us for first ever


Strength Challenge Details

We will have two categories and you can enter one or enter both–1 Band Assisted Chin Ups and/or Deadlifts.

We will meet at a few different times, the week of February 2nd to go over correct form and set up your Baseline Reps for the exercise(s) you choose for the challenge. I will have other trainers there to help me with form, etc. IF we have low enough numbers, we will just have one testing time, and it will be on Tuesday evening.

First Meeting Time : Monday, February 2nd, 10-11am

Second Meeting Time: Tuesday, February 3rd, 5-6pm

**You can attend one or the other, you do not need to attend both. The first 20 minutes will be going over form and the rules. The last 40 minutes will be the testing time. 

You will have until the 1st week in March to practice and work on strengthening the muscles to help you with your challenge exercises. We will set up testing the same way we did at the beginning.  We will have a FB group where I will post mini workouts you can do at home and/or at the studio before or after classes, again, helping you to strengthen the muscles needed for the chin ups or deadlifts.

Fees: $15 for one OR $25 for both.

Tracking: There will be a tracking sheet hung up on the board and you will be required to post your numbers at least 2x per week that you practice at the studio.

Winners:will be determined by whomever make highest improvement from their Baseline Numbers.

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