Summer Shape Up Group Challenge Results!

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Our Summer Shape Up GROUP Challenge ended after 10 weeks. This was our first group challenge and proved to be one of our most successful and hardest. Not only were these ladies asked to do their normal workouts each week, but were given extra daily cardio and extra credit mini workouts that they were awarded points for at the end of each week. The first month was the most challenging but we eased into the second month with more “self-care” points, such as yoga, meditation and foam rolling. We also had our nutrition focus through the entire challenge, with the majority of the ladies tracking their meals and really discovering just what they were consuming.

Overall, I know that my team did not win.  We did the best that we could with points, but I did win.  I got back something that I had lost; my body.  I haven’t felt this good in my own skin for many years. I have lost pounds and inches and never want to see them again.   When I first signed up for Fit Chick in November of 2011, I told my husband that my goal was to fit into my wedding dress.  Nine years, two kids, and a crazy life later I now fit my wedding dress and look as good in it as I did at 25.  I never could have done this on my own.  I had the support of my family and my fellow FitChicks.  Having a team made me accountable to someone other than me and I couldn’t let them down.  At first it was just check the block get the point, but now it is a lifestyle.  I enjoy my extra cardio and the Zumba and will find a way to stick with those long-term.  The best part of this all is that I have more energy and I am teaching my young children to eat well and that sometimes it takes hard work to reach goals. ~Meggan Goff

I was not only impressed with the 25 ladies who participated in this challenge, but even more motivated myself, just watching what they were doing on a weekly basis. These ladies worked as hard as they possibly could to help support their team. VERY proud of my Fit Chicks!

I am so happy with my results after the Summer Shape Up Challenge!  A year ago, I was wearing baggy t-shirts over my shorts to cover up my mid section.  We live on a lake and also go to Lake Powell frequently, which means a lot of swimsuit time.  The past two years, I dreaded having to wear a swimsuit in front of everyone and always tried to stay covered up as much as possible.  I was embarrassed because I used to always be really fit when I ran triathlons and 5K’s.  I felt like I had really let myself go, especially once we moved to Longmont from Louisville. 

Tomorrow, we are leaving for Lake Powell.  I just bought some new swimsuits and can’t wait to show them off.  I am not embarrassed at all and am not wearing baggy t-shirts anymore, but tank tops to show off my arms and shoulders.  Unfortunately, my new ski vest that I bought last year is too big, but I am glad for that!!  I am also so much stronger this summer as well.  My first water ski and wakeboard runs this Spring have felt wonderful and I wasn’t in pain for 3 days afterwards from soreness. ~Ann Hulet

At the end of our challenge, with all 25 women finishing the challenge (a first time everyone who joined, had fully completed a challenge!) our total losses were, 144.5 lbs, 30.4% body fat and 126+ inches, all in just 2 months!! That was an entire person they lost!!

I am SO happy that I found FCE! Since I am new to town, having a gym family (and now new friends!) has made a huge difference!  Class time is a perfect fit in my day, nowhere else in town has a 9:30 am class to fit the school morning.  The group of trainers are a really amazing group of women that care about us in and out of class. Angie jokes that she is our trainer and our therapist, she IS. She truly cares about us, not just in the workout room. FCE offers a well rounded experience with the different classes offered as well as nutrition tips. I really love participating in the challenges, too. The $25 for the Summer Shape Up challenge gave me a million dollar value in return! I feel so good and am happier now that I am a Fit Chick!  -Aimee Adams


The winning team of the challenge were the Noble Warriors who won $145 in cash each,  to spend on their newly transformed bodies!



We also had the top 4 ladies who made the biggest change in their bodies: Meggan lost 17 lbs, 5.2% body fat and 11.5 inches, Aimee lost 14.5 lbs, 2.1% body fat and 8.25 inches, Ann  lost 13 lbs, 3.3% body fat and 7.35 inches and Brenda lost 10lbs, 3.2% body fat and 9.85 inches. Way to go ladies!!! So very proud of everyone!

Summer Shape Up Challenge Results 1

I’ve been attending Fit Chick Express for 4 years. It has been an amazing journey! I have lost pounds, inches and body fat. I gained fitness, muscle and LOTS of self-esteem! I feel strong, fit and good about myself. People comment on how good I look  many times I think it is because of the confidence that I know feel no so much my physical appearance. I am in the best shape of my life at 45! Fit Chick Express is the perfect balance of challenging workouts (that fit all different levels), support and friendship from other Fit Chicks and accountability and help from trainers. It works! I can’t imagine living without Fit Chick in my life. 

Angie is always coming up with new ways to keep everyone motivated and this last contest has, by far, been the most challenging but also the most rewarding. I’ve learned a lot about what works for me and what I need. We had to work together with a team and that took accountability to a whole new level since we didn’t want to let down out team members. Angie puts so much energy and time into her business that I can’t wait to see what she comes with next! ~Ann Noble 


Before Fit Chick Express, I had tried for years to lose weight and get in shape.  Rec centers, boot camps, kickboxing classes….nothing worked and nothing stuck, became a habit.  Fit Chick Express has become a habit for me.  I never in a million years thought I would join an all women’s gym, I’m not what you would call a girly girl.  After the two week FREE trial, I was hooked and had to join.  I felt welcomed, supported and felt a camaraderie I never have felt before, especially working out.  Angie creates fun challenges and events, so we can interact and get to know each other outside of the center, which is an added bonus to all of the other benefits, including nutritional guidance and on-line support.  All of the trainers are wonderful and truly love what they do! ~Kendra Locher


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