Individual Nutrition Consultation

Bobbie Covert is a Nutrition Therapist who assesses the whole individual and works with the client to achieve and maintain optimal health through the use of whole, unprocessed foods, nutritional supplements, diet analysis, and lifestyle modifications.

If you are having trouble with excess weight, those extra pounds are not usually the root of the problem in most cases.

Overweight is actually a symptom of other health and lifestyle challenges that are not being addressed. Lifestyle, exercise, and stress management, as well as nutrition play a part in weight issues. If you are already aware of particular health concerns, I will work with you to manage those concerns as well as attain weight loss.

I can also provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations for most chronic health conditions including:

• Blood sugar imbalance and diabetes

• Thyroid problems and Hashimoto’s disease

• GERD, IBS, and Celiac disease

• Small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO) and other forms of dysbiosis

• Cardiovascular disease and hypertension

• Immune dysfunction, autoimmunity, and cancer

• Food allergies and sensitivities

• Obesity

I offer a free 15 minute quick meeting in which both of us can get to know each other and decide if working together is right for both of us. Optimally, we would meet three times.

• The first session is a full intake session.

• The second session provides you with an analysis of your current diet and where it can be improved, as well as a detailed plan to improve your diet based on your food preferences, health issues, and life. No two plans are the same!

• In the third session we analyze what is working/not working about your plan and troubleshoot those things, or I can offer further recommendations on how to improve your health.

I am a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, and studying to become a Master Nutrition Therapist through Nutrition Therapy Institute of Denver. I’m also a Natural Foods Chef, certified through Bauman College.


Bobbie Covert

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You can also hire me for a Kitchen Klean-Out (yes, I will throw away your bad foods!), a favorite Recipe Make-Over, or Cooking Lessons!

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