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Fit Chick Express has joined in the Get Movin’ Challenge in Longmont!! We welcome women to come try out our amazing workouts! Our biggest draw is that all of our classes are open to anyone of any fitness level! With an amazing team of trainers, we have modifications of any form of exercise that you are either not able to do or limited to do. Just let us KNOW! 

Here are the classes that we will have available for you to come out and try during the month of May: 

  • Boot Camp 9:30 to 10am — Wed May 6th
  • Boot Camp Extreme 8 to 8:45am — Saturday May 9th
  • Yoga 8 to 9am –Sunday May 10th
  • Yoga 6:45 to 7:30pm — Thursday May 21st
  • Kickboxing –10:15 to 11am –Thursday May 14th
  • Zumba — 6:15 to 7:15pm –Wed May 20th
  • Boot Camp Extreme 8 to 8:45am— Saturday May 23rd
  • Boot Camp 8:30 to 9:30am –Thursday May 28th

Please follow the steps below if you wish to attend one of our classes!


1. Register at the following link. This will also be where you sign your waiver. ==>

2. Please fill out the form below and check off the classes you will be attending! If you decide at a later time that you wish to attend another class, just go ahead and fill out this form again! This will help us to plan for each and every class and make sure it is staffed properly.


We are located at 1254 Sherman Drive Unit #1 & #2

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