Welcome to Fit Chick Express!

At Fit Chick Express, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience our services without making any commitment. We also believe 100%, that if you are  SERIOUS about making changes in your energy levels, body tone and self-esteem and are looking for that perfect program that will give you all the necessary tools to achieve all those things, you will want to join us for longer. 😉

The trial is ONLY AVAILABLE TO NEW MEMBERS and those who are ready to make some changes in their health and body!

We offer 30 Minute Boot Camp Classes, 45 Min Extreme Boot Camp Class, 1 Hour Zumba Classes,  30 minute PIYO Classes, 45 Minute Kickboxing Classes and 1 Hour Yoga Classes! 

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 During your trial, you will receive: 

  • Unlimited 30 Minute Boot Camp workouts

  • Two of our Fit Chick Extreme workouts (45 min workout) 

  • Unlimited Zumba Classes 

  • Unlimited Yoga Classes 

  • Unlimited Kickboxing Classes 

  • Unlimited PIYO Classes

  • Access to our Private FCE Facebook page +access to our fabulous trainers advice!

  ** Click HERE for our FAQ **

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July 17th – 30th

August 21st – Sept 3rd

September 18th-Oct 1st

October 15th-29th

**You will be able to start on the MONDAY after your orientation and you have received and email that the trial has been added to your Mindbody Account!**

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Group Orientations are the week BEFORE the trial begins on the following days listed below with our Orientation Coordinators Bobbie Covert and Elisabeth Comeau

Orientation Times and Days Available for 2017: 

Tuesdays at 10 am

Thursdays at 5:30 pm

Only 10 Spots Available per trial!

 *You MUST attend a Fit Chick Orientation before doing your 2 week trial.

This is to ensure your safety when starting out exercise program.

Please fill out the information below and we will get back to you to confirm a time for your orientation. 


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checkmark Register with Fit Chick Express-Longmont by clicking HERE.

checkmark Fill out this form to set up your orientation time.

checkmark Fill out this Health Form before orientation. 

checkmark Have a child over the age of 4 that will be coming to hang out while you workout? Visit this page and sign our Kids Space Waiver.

*You will NOT be able to schedule classes until you have completed your orientation.* 

You can also use the Mindbody Connect App to schedule your classes! Click the picture below to download! 


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 What We Have Accomplished With Fit Chick Express… 

LaShanda1 ½ years – I became a trainer!! And I love it – LaShanda Jones Rigsby

MegganJust about 5 months and my pre-children clothes not only fit, but some are too big-Meggan Goff

ShelbyAlmost 1 year! I feel healthier and I’m much stronger. I truly look forward to working out and doing something just for me. – Shelby Campbell

JenniferAlmost one year for me, and when I started, I couldn’t even jog around the block. Now I can run 4 miles and that’s just the start of it! I’ve done two 5k’s and am doing my first 10k in a couple of months – Jennifer Snowden

Holly3 years! Consistency and being stronger than I imagined are my 2 greatest accomplishments! And wonderful friends – Holly Lippart

My 1 year anniversary should be coming up any day! My biggest achievement is sticking with it! – Stephanie Meismer Benes

 2.5 years and I’m stronger, fitter, thinner and HAPPIER! – Ann Noble

   LauraA little over a year ago I started with FCE and exactly what Ann Noble said: stronger, fitter,thinner and happier! I have so much more confidence and am elated to be working for Angie Schumacher now at FCE. – Laura Rulon

 Susan1 ½ years – I feel strong, and I ran (jogged) my first 5K and 10K within last year. I also did my first obstacle 5K run- the Devil Dash in Lyons last fall. – Susan Salyer Lindgren

   I have been with FCE for 18 months, I too feel fitter, thinner and so much more controlled with eating. I know that there are times when I fall off the wagon, but I can then move on and not panic and eat everything in sight just because I’ve had a vacation and slipped. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site the suggestions and comments are very valuable to me. Andrea Self

Carla I started in September of 2011. I love that I don’t weigh myself everyday! I just attend the bootcamps 2-3 times a week and watch what I eat. I feel more fit, and confident. I am also a little bit addicted to the “sore” feeling. – Carla Burchell

  I started 10 months ago, June 4th to be exact. I have gone from being a frumpy, unhealthy, always sickly, fed up woman to a woman that is now back to playing volleyball, running5k’s, working out 6 days a week, hiking, lifting heavy weights, doing 50 pushups a day, 10unassisted pullups, wearing smaller sizes, eating healthy and just all around proud of myselfto say that I am almost 50 years old!!– LaCleta Laaker

 NancyComing up on 3 years in June. So many accomplishments: I can lift my luggage up into the bin on the airplane without fear. Those 100 pushups on my 60th birthday. Lowered my cholesterol. Makes me happy every time to come and get stronger. – Nancy Karpenske

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