FCE Boot Camp–Your Personalized Group Training!


Personalized Group Training is one area of specialty at our FCE Boot Camp classes.  Enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost or prearranged appointments.  Our certified trainers are present at each class to provide instruction on proper technique, execution of each exercise to prevent injury, and motivation so you get the most out of every workout.

Each workout in our personalized group training is unique, with a different daily focus to guarantee a well-rounded experience that addresses the entire body.  Each class is 30 minutes in length with a mix of cardio, resistance training, core strength and stability, flexibility, and calisthenics. This high energy workout is geared toward ramping up your metabolism and is certain to increase strength and function. All progressions are explained to offer exercises that fit any fitness level. When completed 2-4 times a week, combined with our nutritional guidance and good lifestyle choices, our program is proven to have extraordinary effects on weight loss, muscle tone and development, and overall health and wellbeing.

With over 5  years of experience providing personalized group training in the Longmont area, FCE Boot Camp continues to help individuals reach their personal best by providing accountability and support in a small group setting.  Stop putting off improving your health.  Let the Fit Chick Express team show you how personalized group training can make a difference for you!

 18 Boot Camp Classes available EACH WEEK! 

 Feb 2014 BC Schedule

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