Summer Shape Up Group Challenge Results!

Our Summer Shape Up GROUP Challenge ended after 10 weeks. This was our first group challenge and proved to be one of our most successful and hardest. Not only were these ladies asked to do their normal workouts each week, but were given extra daily cardio and extra credit mini workouts that they were awarded points for at the end of each week. The first month was the most challenging but we eased into the second month with more “self-care” points, such as yoga, meditation and foam rolling. We also had our nutrition focus through the entire challenge, with the majority of the ladies tracking their meals and really discovering just what they were consuming. Overall, I know that my team did not win.  We did the best that we could with points, but I did win.  I got back something that I had lost; my body.  I haven’t felt this good in my own skin for many years. I have lost pounds and inches and never want to see them again.   When I first signed up for Fit Chick in November of 2011, I told my husband that my goal was to fit into my wedding dress.  Nine years, two kids, and … Continue reading


We offer TWO WEEK FREE trials every month.  During your trial, you will receive:  *Unlimited 30 Minute Boot Camp workouts * Two of our Fit Chick Extreme workouts (45 min workout) *Unlimited Zumba Classes *Unlimited Yoga Classes *Unlimited Kickboxing Classes *Unlimited PIYO Classes *Access to our Private FCE Facebook page + access to our fabulous trainers advice! (Over $400 value!!)   ** Click HERE for our FAQ ** OUR UPCOMING TRIAL DATES: October 11th-24th November 9th-21st  December 7th-19th Group Orientations are the week BEFORE the trial begins on the following days with our Orientation Coordinator (and current Fit Chick!) Whitedove Gannon.   Monday at 6 pm  Tuesday at 5:30 pm  Saturday at 8:30am  Only 10 Spots Available per trial! *There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to these trial dates. If you are unable to attend an orientation before the trial date, you will have to attend the trial the following month. Our program is designed around our trial weeks.   *You MUST attend a Fit Chick Orientation before doing your 2 week trial. This is to ensure your safety when starting out exercise program.   What do you need to do to get started with your Two Week Trial?  Register with Fit Chick Express-Longmont by clicking HERE.  Fill out this form to … Continue reading

FCE Boot Camp +PIYO Programs

With each Boot Camp + PIYO Program you will Receive:  *A FREE fitness assessment and measurements every 4 weeks. *Access to our MEMBERS ONLY forum with extra workouts, recipes, support and much more! *Access to a trainer with questions regarding your workouts, nutrition, supplement, etc. *Individualized group training in every class. = Membership which allows you 10% off any other Specialty Class (Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga) 12 Month Programs For 12 months you will be charged a recurring fee each month for your Program.  **Cancellation fees will apply if before the 12 month period. Busy Person BC + PIYO – 8x/month  99.00/mo Rapid Results BC + PIYO – 12x/month  119.00/mo Hardcore BC + PIYO – 27 Classes Combined/month  127.00/mo  6 Month Programs For 6 months you will be charged a recurring fee each month for your Program.  **Cancellation fees will apply if before the 6 month period. Busy Person Fit Chick – 8x/month  109 .00/mo   Rapid Results Fit Chick – 12x/month 129.00/mo     Hardcore Fit Chick – 27 Combined Classes/month   137.00/mo     3 Month Programs For 3 months you will be charged a recurring fee each month for your Program. **Cancellation fees will apply if before the 3 month period. Busy Person Fit … Continue reading