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  • How long have you been a member of Fit Chick Express and what brought you here?  I’ve been with FCE for two years now.  I needed something more so I googled and found Fit Chick Express.
  • What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of FCE?  I am focused on my fitness life, I have lost weight and gained muscle.  I feel stronger than I ever have.
  • What keeps you motivated? What obstacles have you had to overcome?  My motivation is the way other Fit Chicks have really become like a family.  The network of women is powerful and was a needed addition to my life.  My biggest obstacle was to stick with it.  I have overcome that one by great strides.
  • What is your favorite part of FCE?  The workouts and that I don’t have to think of what kind of workout I need to do for the day…it’s already there (except when I don’t pay attention and have to ask a million times!).
  • What advice would you offer to newbies?  Welcome!  Come take it all in.  Embrace the comradery, the community of women, the butt-whoopin you look forward to.  Stick with it.  You will be so proud of yourself and the accomplishments you master.
  • In one sentence how would you describe your experience at FCE?  FCE is a lifestyle; a new way to workout, a community of women to see you through the high of passing milestones and the low of times you don’t think you have what it takes to workout for the day. :0


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