Featured Fit Chick – Dawna

DawnaHow long have you been a member of Fit Chick Express and what brought you here? I started in 2009 when it was at Lifebridge. Wanted to get in shape.

What has been your greatest accomplishment since becoming a member of FCE? Making amazing friends.. Being in shape enough to climb Longs Peak.

What keeps you motivated? What obstacles have you had to overcome? The love this group of ladies is what keeps me going even when the scale is not going my way. Working out health issues what are a weight gain problem. Not easy being a fitness instructor that is fighting to keep the junk out of her trunk.

What is your favorite part of FCE? Angie..That says it all. I love her so much.

What advice would you offer to newbies? Never quit. We all have stuff.. Lets just tackle it together.

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